Ammunition belt 12 gauge

Order and find out the 20 shotguns you keep in your belt. You quickly recharge without a bump when the pigeons or ducks hit your bullies or wits. Practical also for hunting for grouse and forest birds. Beautiful craftsmanship, made of strong leather and canvas. For caliber shotguns of caliber 12.

135 cm total length. The part with the 20 hail holders including canvas is 75 cm. The life belt itself is about 58 cm, on these there are a total of 8 holes but you can make more holes yourself.

If you buy a new ammunition belt where it is easy to pull out the cartridges, then you know for sure that the cartridges will fall off by themselves in a couple of years. With this belt it is a bit sluggish in the beginning before the belt has been used, but it becomes good after some use as the leather has become softer .. The belt will work for many years. Maybe for several generations.

37.92 EUR

The product is unfortunately out of stock. Please email and ask when it will come in again.

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