Casström No.10 Swedish Forest Knife K720, Ek/Scandi

Casström's New No.10 Swedish Forest Knife is here! This powerful full-tong knife is built for versatile use in hunting, bushcraft and general use in the forest. It is a very sturdy knife that you can peel an elk with, as well as that you can carve a wooden object or split smaller firewood.

Leaf length ca 10 cm

Leaf width approx. 3.8 cm

Leaf thickness about 4 mm

SteelTool steel Böhler K720 (Carbon steel)

Hardness58-60 HRC

Sanding Scandinavian sanding

Handle / HandleEk with black shims

Case / holsterDeep knife blade in thick vegetable tanned leather



The blade is about 10 cm long and manufactured in about 3.8 mm thick O2 tool steel (Böhler K720) with high carbon content which is heat treated to achieve a hardness of 58-60 HRC. The knives are sanded with Scandinavian grinding and have a silk mat finish. This steel in combination with the taper grinding makes these knives very impact resistant, even in cold conditions, retains sharpness but is very easy to sharpen and they can get a very sharp edge relatively easily.

The handle is made of oak. Between the scales and the steel are black liners to increase durability over time. The handle is mounted with sturdy brass rivets. The wood has been treated with a traditional Scandinavian linseed oil based blend. The knife comes with a very sturdy brown knife case made in 3 mm thick vegetable tanned leather. The knife sheath has an extra wide belt loop, an opening in the bottom for liquid and a hole for an anchorage strap.

About the Steel - O2 Tool steel

This tool steel from Böhler (K720) is a very strong oil hardened tool steel with high carbon content. The chemical composition allows it to harden to a high hardness with retained ductility and toughness while being easy to grind and can obtain a very sharp edge that holds well. This steel is a low-chromium carbon steel that will rust if left wet and must therefore be dried after use and protected with oil or wax when the knife is stored in a high humidity environment.

Steel analysis: C 0.9%, Si. 0.25%, Mn. 2.0%, Cr. 0.35% V. 0.1% (HRC 58-60)

106.98 EUR

Casström Safari Orange G10
73.76 EUR