Dogtech Euro

Dogtech Euro is our most popular protective vest against powerful wild boar attacks and wild boar bites. The vest has been developed for over ten years and has now become even lighter and smoother with modern materials and loose individual protective layers. In addition, the vest provides buoyancy and, like a wet suit, capsules the heat if the dog gets into cold water.

Dogtech Euro is equipped with a durable pocket on the back where GPS can be easily mounted, antenna recesses are standard so the dog does not have to carry the GPS around one's neck. As a dog owner you can easily adjust the vest depending on temperature. The vest opens more or less at the back to vent excess heat.

We have orange vests in stock. If you want a blue vest, email [email protected]

NOTE 1: Dogtech's warranty is 1 year, but since you buy it from Easyhunt you have a 5 year warranty.

NOTE 2: Dogs insured at Agria who injure themselves during hunting when they carry Dogtech Euro do not risk excess.

398.14 EUR

258.79 EUR

The product is unfortunately out of stock. Please email [email protected] and ask when it will come in again.