Dogtech Pro with wolf steel bracket

Protects against:

- Wolf

- Wild boar

- Traffic

- Drowning

- Barbed wire and bushes.

Dogtech Pro is a unique protective vest that protects your dog from attack by wolves and other predators. With detachable stainless steel springs running along the back of the vest, your dog is effectively protected against wolves. In addition, the vest also has removable guards inside that protect against wild boar, wolf and other predators.

Also unique to the vest is that they provide buoyancy and function like a wetsuit in the water to encapsulate heat. Therefore the risk of cooling down, cramps and shock is reduced if the dog goes down in cold water. You can easily adjust the vest so that the dog encapsulates more or less heat to compensate for the prevailing climate and temperature. The vest opens up more or less at the back to be able to ventilate the excess heat.

The vest is equipped with a durable GPS pocket with recesses for antenna. The pocket fits among other eTrack mini and Garmin Astro. The safety vest provides a self-risk guarantee at Agria.

Dogtech pro in size XL weighs 1 333 g without wolf steel. With wolf steel, it weighs 1,732 g.

NOTE 1: Wolf steel is not included but purchased separately.

NOTE 2: Dogtech's warranty is 1 year, but since you buy it from Easyhunt you have a 5 year warranty.

NOTE 3: Dogs insured with Agria who injure themselves during hunting when they carry the Dogtech Pro do not risk excess.

390.31 EUR

273.22 EUR