New eTrack mini

News with the new version of eTrack mini

- Clearly better GSM and GPS reception

- 100% waterproof with induction charge

- On and off button

More about the eTrack mini

The pellet weighs only 38 grams (135 g including necklace)

Dimensions 65 × 35 × 16 mm

Waterproof to 1 meter depth (IP67)

Fits in Garmin's necklace

Everyone in the hunting team sees the dog's position and tracks

The dog tracks are shown afterwards on the website. The hunting day can be played back as a fast-paced movie so you can see how the dog has moved on the map.

Unlimited range via the mobile network

Battery capacity: 10-170 hours depending on how often a new position is to be sent, which can be changed in the app. Battery level is displayed in the app.

Refresh rate - Battery capacity

10 seconds - 10 hours

30 seconds - 18 hours

3 min - 3 days

1 hour - 1 week

Unique for the eTrack mini

1 year open purchase while hunting with the beacon. For used bearing, we deduct SEK 500 (mini) or SEK 1,000 (pro).

Open purchase on the subscription for 1 month

5 year warranty

SEK 8 per hunter and month to see dog and property map (Annual cost for a hunting team of 20 people: Level SEK 995 + Hunting team SEK 895 = SEK 1890)

300,000 hectares of property map included

NOTE: The beacon requires the subscription ETRACK + for SEK 995 per year, which is subscribed to after you have received your dog beacon. Instructions on how to subscribe can be found on a note in the bearing's packaging. For individual use, no other costs are added. If you want the rest of the hunting team to be able to see the dog's position and tracks, the subscription TEAM is also required.

More information and eTrack mini

Necklace and 230V charger included

The dog's position, track, speed and direction are displayed in the app. With Easyhunt's app, you also see the hunting map, as well as your own and your hunting teammates' positions. Old tracks are displayed on Easyhunt's website.

Property map included for Sweden, Norway and Finland. Satellite map available worldwide.

Call your eTrack and you will hear if the dog barks. (Pejlens mobile number is Dutch)

Built-in SIM card that works throughout the EU, Norway and Switzerland. Pejlen uses the GSM network that has the best coverage at the moment. User Support> Support

Click here to see a short film about the eTrack mini.

145.94 EUR

Powerful Power Bank
40.72 EUR
Quick charger for the car's cig socket
10.52 EUR