eTrack pro

About eTrack Pro

  • Works even with extremely poor mobile reception
  • Position updates every 5 seconds
  • 36 hours battery life when moving. 1 week when not moving. 
  • Waterproof to 3 metres (IP68)
  • Induction charging
  • On/off switch and battery indicator
  • Supports GSM and 3G
  • Weighs only 238 gr including collar
  • Size 110 x 43 x 43 mm
  • Allows every  member of the hunting team to view the dog’s position and trail
  • Unlimited range via the mobile network

Unique features of eTrack Pro and eTrack Mini

  • You may return the tracker within 1 year of purchase. If you have used it, a deduction will be made of €50 for eTrack mini or €100 for eTrack pro.
  • You may cancel the subscription within 30 days free of charge.
  • 5 years warranty

Please note: An ETRACK+ subscription is required at €96 per annum. For single use no other costs will be incurred. However, to enable all members of your hunting team to view the dog’s trail and position, a TEAM subscription is required as well. As an example, the cost is only €0,64 per hunter per month in a 20 person hunting team (TEAM sub €57 plus ETRACK+ sub €96).

Detailed instructions about how to subscribe on is included with the tracker.

Tracking analysis

Create a tracking analysis by importing tracks from your eTrack or Garmin to the homepage. Run the analysis at speed and watch on the map how the dog has been moving during the hunt. If you mark it “Open” a weblink will be created and the analysis can be shared by email, text or social media.


Additional information about eTrack Pro and eTrack Mini

  • A dog collar and a 230V battery charger is included
  • The dog’s position, trail, speed and direction are shown in the Easyhunt app. It also displays your hunting map and on it, shows the location of you and your hunting team comrades. Historic trails can be viewed on the Easyhunt homepage.
  • Topographic maps with property boundaries are included for Sweden, Norway and Finland. For other countries a satellite map is available.
  • Call your eTrack to hear if the dog is barking (it has a Dutch mobile number).
  • The eTrack has a built-in SIM card which works everywhere in Europe. The tracker automatically chooses the mobile network with the best coverage.
  • Get User support at>Support

378.21 EUR

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