MimSafe VarioCage Original Double

MimSafe VarioCage Double

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"The dog is man's best friend", and friends should be feared. Bringing the dog in the car is something most of us do, but in what way and how do we plan to make our dogs feel safe in their place?

MimSafe Variocage provides unique protection for both humans and animals in the event of an accident. MimSafe are designed for maximum safety and are the only ones on the market that meet the requirements for rear-end collisions. MimSafe is made of steel and powder coated in shades of gray and black.

MimSafe is crash tested and approved by SP Swedish Technical Research Institute in rear-end collision test

Has optimal ventilation

Is adjustable in depth

Is lockable with a key and has recesses for padlocks

No details can harm the dog

In the event of an accident, there is an evacuation hatch at the rear


MimSafe Hundbur Double Small W93 * H59cm

No: 377

Depth (adjustable): 73- 99 cm

Width: 93 cm

Height: 59 cm


MimSafe Dog Cage Double Medium W93 * H65cm

No: 383

Depth (adjustable): 76- 103 cm

Width: 93 cm

Height: 65 cm


MimSafe Dog Cage Double Large W99 * H65cm

No: 361

Depth (adjustable): 76- 103 cm

Width: 99 cm

Height: 65 cm


MimSafe Hundbur Double Large + W99 * H69cm

No: 362

Depth (adjustable): 81-103 cm

Width: 99 cm

Height: 69 cm


MimSafe Hundbur Double XLarge W99 * H71,5cm

No: 364

Depth (adjustable): 81- 103 cm

Width: 99 cm

Height: 71.5 cm


MimSafe Hundbur Double XXLarge W108 * H71,5cm

No: 365

Depth (adjustable): 81- 103 cm

Width: 108 cm

Height: 71.5 cm

MimSafe Hundbur Double Maximum



D (min-max) 920-1160mm

Dog cage with deformation zone and removable partition
If you have two dogs in the car, they may sit apart and not be able to reach each other. If one of the dogs needs more space, the partition can easily be adjusted sideways. If you have a large dog or want to give a lone dog more space, the partition can easily be dismantled. With a few simple touches, the cage is "tailored" to your particular car.

MIM Construction lives on safety
For more than 20 years, MIM Construction has worked with functional design of safety details for the modern automotive industry. They have documentation from hundreds of crash tests, where their protection products have been included and they have from the "inside" followed the major car manufacturers' development work with, among other things, deformation zones. With that knowledge as a base and their long production experience of safety accessories, these dog cages were developed.

Emergency exit
If a situation arises so that the gates are blocked, there is an emergency exit. With a few simple grips, the entire back can be lifted off.

In the event of a rear-end collision, the dog cage is compressed in a controlled manner to the same extent as the car's deformation zones. This means that the cage does not push the rear seat forward or split, which minimizes the risk of injury for both passenger and dog.

How safe is a car cage in an accident?
Every seventh traffic accident is a rear-end collision. The rear cargo area is part of the deformation zone around the passenger compartment that protects occupants in the event of a collision. In the event of a rear-end collision, the rear end of the car is pushed in and objects placed in the load compartment follow the parts that are pushed forward. How much it is pushed in depends on the car's construction and what it collides with.

If there is a dog cage in the car's cargo area, it will move forward in the car against the backrest of the rear seat.
If the impact force is severe, there is a risk that the backrest will break. Previously, there have been no reliable and objective crash test methods for dog cages in cars.

SP Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut in Borås and Mim Construction AB have jointly developed the Safe Pet Crate Test method, which means that you as a consumer can get a scientific measure of the impact of dog cages on the safety of both dogs and passengers during a traffic accident.

This is how a crash test goes
A well-designed dog cage should not affect the rear seat in the event of a rear-end collision. It should also provide optimal protection for the dog. There must be deformation zones on the dog cage, otherwise the dog cage can become dangerous and in the worst case kill passengers in the back seat. It is important to find a balance between the rigidity and safety of the cage. If a dog cage has deformation zones, it does not have to move forward towards the rear seat. An overly soft cage is unable to maintain its shape and collapses, while an overly rigid cage is unable to absorb the kinetic energy.

The speed for a rear-end collision test performed at SP in Borås is 30 km / h. This is equivalent to being hit by a stationary vehicle that is 55 km / h at a standstill. On a crash sledge, a part of a body with a rear seat and cargo floor is placed. The cage is placed clamped in the middle of the load compartment facing the backrest. It is pushed forward by a plate large enough to hit the entire cage from behind in a similar way as it is pushed forward in the event of a strong collision from behind. In the back seat is placed a crash doll with sensors in the head and neck. They register the forces to which the doll is subjected.
The test is filmed with a high-speed camera. After the crash, note what damage has occurred to the cage, the floor in the load compartment and the rear seat, as well as what data you have received from the crash dock.

In a second test, a so-called roll-over test is performed that simulates what happens if the car turns around. The dog cage is then hung up and allowed to fall 70 cm against a plate. To get the right effect, ballast is used in the cage, 45 kg for a single cage, and twice 35 kg for a double cage. Afterwards, they investigate what happened to the cage.

Roll-over is the test that is most difficult to simulate. If a car turns around in reality, the loads come in different directions all the time. For the passengers in the car, the impact of the cage is not so important as long as the cage does not fall apart. For the dog, however, it is important that the cage holds so that it does not fall out. A strapped dog cage is located near the center of rotation and does not experience the violence to which the car's outer corners are exposed due to the rotation. It is therefore the shocks from the fall height that are most interesting to measure and easiest to recreate.

The tests show whether the cage is robust enough to withstand crash violence without opening up or becoming dangerous to the dog, while at the same time it must not be dangerous for the passengers in the back seat. Mim's dog cages meet both requirements.

The cage is delivered unassembled.

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