Rechargeable headlamp - 1000 lumens

Powerful LED headlamp of 1000 lumens.

Charged with USB cable. Charge the flashlight in your mobile charger, Easyhunt's quick charger for the car's cig socket or Easyhunt's Powerbank. Cable included but not adapter as you can use your mobile charger. Charging socket on the lamp so you do not have to remove the batteries to charge.

3 different light modes.

Hands-free on / off button. You just pull your hand in front of the lamp to turn the lamp on or off. You can see that in the video below. There is also a regular button.

See when we test the lamp:

Battery life: 5 hours

Batteries: 2 rechargeable 18650 lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion battery provides higher performance and better function in cold. Batteries included.

According to theoretical calculations that follow industry standards, the lamp illuminates 500 meters. However, this distance is strongly affected by daylight, other light and fog.

Brand: Easyhunt Gear

46.38 EUR

30.15 EUR

The product is unfortunately out of stock. Please email [email protected] and ask when it will come in again.