Steel targets

Materials - All goals

All dimensions consist of 10mm thick hardened Hardox 500 steel from Swedish SSAB. The targets are tested with shots with a fully jacketed .308w at 100 meters. Perfect for long-range shooting when hitting the plate is clearly heard several hundred meters. The targets have long been delivered for military use.

No. 1 Dimensions on stand: SEK 3095

Round measuring surface: 30cm diameter.

Perfect target to take with you to the shooting range as it is quick to assemble.

Email for price on 45x60cm sheet metal ([email protected]).

NOTE: 2x4 "wooden rule not included

No. 2 & 2.1 Self-traveling goals SEK 2195 - 3395

Weight 10kg. Measuring surface: 15 or 20cm diameter. Material: 10mm Hardox 500 steel

The plate falls and rises automatically after hitting with a ball or hailstorm (use lead shot, steel shot can bounce). The resilience can be switched off, so that the target hit stays down. 4 holes in the base plate for fastening with a screw or tent nail in the base if desired. The protective plate means that no protective wall is needed.

See video

No. 3 & 3.1 & 3.2 & 3.3 Target to hang in rope / chain: SEK 595 - 1295

Available in large bowls (from right in picture) 15x15cm, 20x20cm, 30x30cm and 40x40cm.

Hang in ropes or even better in a chain.

NOTE: Rope or chain not included


1-year warranty for manufacturing defects (the warranty does not apply to broken targets).

Delivery time: 3-20 days.


( Sweden )

For shooting ranges, the safety regulations SäkB Civil Shooting apply.

On your own land, there are no special rules as long as you shoot a maximum of 5,000 shots per year. If you shoot more than that, it counts as a shooting range. But of course you should have a bullet catcher and think about the risk with ricochets, just like when hunting.

59.30 EUR

38.54 EUR

The product is unfortunately out of stock. Please email [email protected] and ask when it will come in again.

eTrack pro
378.21 EUR