Zodiac Waterproof Limited Edition

Zodiac Team Pro Waterproof Limited Edition - Available as 31 and 155 MHz

NOTE: This is the new version of Zodiac Team Pro Waterproof. There is also an older orange model on the market without the "limited edition" extension that is no longer sold by Zodiac.

Waterproof hunting radio from Zodiac. Hunting radio Team Pro Waterproof 155 VHF uses the highest permissible transmission power, 5W, which gives the radio an excellent range.

Zodiac Team Pro Waterproof is a further development of the reliable hunting radio Zodiac Team Pro + with very good range, long operating time and crystal clear sound, everything regardless of weather and wind. Operation is simple with large buttons and illuminated graphical display.

A waterproof hunting radio with simple menu in Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and English.

New for the Zodiac Team Pro Waterproof is the new handy design that fits well, a larger battery of 2200 mAh, higher IP rating (IP67) and the new "Open Speaker" function that allows you to get the sound out with a few simple button presses radio speakers even though you have an accessory screwed into the socket.

Equipped with features such as channel search, adjustable noise function and pilot sound, the radio is one of the easiest to operate on the market. The purchase includes a cig adapter cable.

26 channels

Same frequencies as other hunting radios (155an has 136-174 MHz, 31an has 27-31MHz)

Backlight with LCD display

Power 1-5W

Wipe function



Automatic and manual noise function

Power Battery 2200mAh

Cig adapter cable is included



Number of channels: 7 pre-programmed 155MHz

Battery: 2200mAh Li-ion

Operating temperature: -30 ° / + 60 ° C

Classifications: IP 67

Weight: 280 grams

290.66 EUR