Long and wide double case

Very spacious double case, with unique design where you easily carry 2 weapons with you as a backpack. Or carry the handle as usual.

Even if you have mounted a silencer of the largest model and a bipod slider, it easily fits in the case.

If you are going to hunt with the bouncer you can easily throw the shotgun. Then you are prepared if you get a shotgun or if there is a bird on the ground.

Ideal for a trip to the cabin, where both night vision weapons and search weapons may be needed.

Internal dimensions (cm)

Length: 133

Width wide: 31

Width at narrow front: 16

Large pocket 43 x 21

Small pocket 16 x 21

63.72 EUR

41.42 EUR

The product is unfortunately out of stock. Please email [email protected] and ask when it will come in again.