Bird hunter bag

Handmade elegant ammunition bag for hunters with a taste for the beautiful, practical and qualitative. The strap in canvas is reinforced and 5 cm wide, so it also makes a heavy bag comfortable to carry. Shoulder strap length is adjustable.

You can fit with 30 cartridges in the holders on the outside and 100 shots in the bag. When you start hunting, for example, you can have 30 shots in the holders and 2-3 unopened ammo worms in the bag. Then throw the empty sleeves into the bag. When you only have 5 cartridges left in the holders you fill with a new box so you get 30 shots in the holders again.

The lid can be opened completely and hung between the bag and the waist / thigh for quick access to the ammunition. Because the lid has a stainless steel tube as a hinge, the lid hangs straight down. Other bags have leather structures instead of hinges, which makes the lid bend and can get stuck. A stainless steel hinge is a much better solution.

The bag is made of strong VAG leather. The size is 30 x 25 x 25 cm. The hole for the pocket of 8 x 16 cm is a bit smaller than the bag which reduces the risk of dropping shots.

111.97 EUR

72.78 EUR

The product is unfortunately out of stock. Please email [email protected] and ask when it will come in again.