Zodiac One BT 31+155 MHz

Zodiac creates hunting history with the same radio for 31 and 155MHz.

Zodiac One is the first hunting radio ever with both 31 and 155 MHz on the same radio. With Zodiac One, you never have to think about what frequency to chase. The two bands have slightly different characteristics in terrain and especially near cities. 31 Mhz is popular in Norrland while 155 Mhz predominates in the southern parts of the country.

In addition, the radio is equipped with Bluetooth for easy communication with headphones and mobile phones.

The Zodiac One comes with a Combi antenna that can handle both frequencies, so you only need one antenna. It also comes with a fast intelligent desktop charger, Li-polymer battery of 2400mAh.

The Zodiac One is waterproof and durable plus it has a rubberized shell which makes it very comfortable to hold. With its orange color it is easy to find if you drop it.



Scanning of both frequency bands

whisper Mode

2-channel pass

pilot Tones

Voice control

Open speaker


360.00 EUR