Terms & Conditions

5 year warranty

All dog trackers purchased after 1/7 2019 have a five-year warranty. The warranty applies to manufacturing defects. However, the guarantee does not apply to wear or eg dog vests that have received tears from wild boar attacks etc.

One year open purchase

Your right of withdrawal is valid for 1 year from receipt of the goods. The right of withdrawal only applies if the goods can be sold again. If the item is not in the same condition as when it was sent, we make a deduction of 30% and upwards due to wear, soiling etc. You are therefore not allowed to use the item if you wish to exercise the right of withdrawal. If you repent, you will receive back what you paid for the item within 14 days of the day we received the item.

Open purchase on eTrack dog mirror with subscription

Also on eTrack dog mirror is a one year open purchase, but in this case you can use the mirror. If possible, feel free to test the peg on the hunting ground without putting it on the dog, or place the peg in a pocket on a dog vest. Then it should not be scratched and therefore you can get back the full cost of return on open purchase. If you hunt with the ladder it will be scratched and then you will only get back 70% of the purchase cost. You also have an open purchase on the subscription for one month from being activated.